Nude Color Is New Black In Summer 2018

New Summer season is going to be hot, as I am here to share with you latest fashion trends to try next 2018. Most of us want to wear bright and colorful clothes, but we forget about nude color. In today's street style collection, I gathered outfit ideas completed with this neutral color. Believe me, nude is the new black, but this time it's sweet, soft and clean. I love it for a kind of natural look that includes powder pink, blush, cream and beige shades. Trust me, this is the right shade to combine with all your favorite clothes. Below are shown some of the best outfit ideas you can copy this 2018.

The nude color is pretty easy to wear, but don't you ever try to match it with your skin. You should have a bit of contrast between skin tone and your clothes, otherwise, it may look weird. Think of embellished and textured nude color clothes. Lace, sparkles, tassels, and beading, as well as any other decoration, may make a flesh-toned clothes look less nude. Once again, look for mismatched nude color clothing, so it doesn't match your skin tone too closely, otherwise, it may appear as you've got some skin disease from far away distance. Try to wear one nude piece at once. For instance, a nude top ideally suits black color pencil skirt or red wide-leg pants. Another thing is undergarments. Make sure your underwear isn't visible, choose nude bras and panties.

I love to see women who pair white crop tops with high-waisted pencil midi skirts in a nude blush color, nude leather jackets with light grey skinny jeans, etc. Have a look through these street style pics to find your favorite clothing combinations. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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