Parisian Chic Street Style Ideas For Women

Today's article is dedicated to Paris street style ideas you can easily copy and wear in real life. The following looks are meant for Autumn and Spring season months. Most of the shown ideas are great for casual style lovers, but you can see some dressy outfits that work great in professional settings. How, what about some Parisian chic street style inspiration?

The following outfit combinations feature practical fashion tips for those who want to dress like a real French woman. What's so special about Paris chic look? The trick is about individuality, passion, and beauty. That's why we always see elegance and refined style in clothing combos. The following compilation consists of simple looks worn by well-known bloggers, models, and stylists. If you decided to create a French style look, then the first thing you should follow is the detailed focus on your shape and texture. It should be high-qualitative, but simple. Next thing is the color. Most Parisian women stick to black, gray and white, but sure, it's very individual, you are free to choose something bright colored tops or bottoms, or vibrant print. But those of you who decided to wear colored stuff should feel 100% confident, that's why I recommend keeping things neutral or dark colored. Sparkles are allowed, but try to use the minimum of those embroideries. My personal suggestion: better skip embroideries and embellishments. Sparkling dresses and shiny heels can be used at home parties, but not on the streets. The sports style is OKAY, I see lots of French women who keep their outfits athleisure inspired, completed with hoodies or sneakers. It's always cool to see a Parisian girl wearing fitted pants with a slim shirt and stylish sneakers.

For cold weather days, I recommend to cover yourself with a cozy outerwear, let it be a bomber jacket, trench coat or a slim wool topper. But you can go for a denim or leather jacket as well! Parisians are in love with layering, that's why to choose something that ideally suits the whole look, just add a stylish scarf, beanie, beret hat, and cozy scarves. Keep it uncomplicated and easy to style.

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